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Acuity Scheduling is an internet-based scheduling program. It allows users to set up meetings without having to go back and forth a million times in an Email or phone call.

The basic premise behind Acuity is very simple: The program integrates with your calendar. You can set parameters about when you are open for meetings and when you are not. From there, when someone requests a meeting, you can invite them to select a time that works for them. That meeting time will then be set in your calendar, automatically updating in order to ensure that you don't accidentally set another meeting at the same time. 

For a program like this to work, Acuity would have to offer a variety of customized controls that ensure that users still maintain core control over their schedule. Thankfully, acuity does just this. Users can still set parameters that determine when they are available for meetings, and when they aren't. Reminders can be set and the parameters controlling when these reminders are set can be easily managed from your account homepage. You can also create customized forms or use ones already available by Acuity, thus ensuring that you can manage all of your information in one place. This can help you keep your contact list available and better prepare for the meeting.

As you can like tell, this program is extremely flexible and can save administrative and business professionals a huge amount of time, allowing you to pay attention to more important pursuits than scheduling yourself. The uses here are endless: Meetings, job interviews, online conferences, you name it, and Acuity can probably manage it. Furthermore, the program accepts online payments, is HIPPA compliant, allows for rescheduling missed meetings, and can be customized so that you can set up meetings in the real world or online.

It's also worth noting that the app offers a wide array of support, giving webinars on how to get the most out of the program. This ensures that users know what they are doing when they use Acuity. 

All of this being said, Acuity isn't perfect. Some users have noted that there are issues with time zones not always converting, creating a problem for clients. Integration isn't perfect, and there are some technical problems with the app that require users to pay additional attention. 


  • Automates a wide variety of content for your calendar, making scheduling appointments and preparing for those appointments a breeze.
  • Accepts payments online and this HIPPA compliant, thus ensuring that you can get a huge amount of use out of it, regardless of how you are setting up meetings. 
  • Highly flexible uses ensure that you can use this program extensively. 
  • Offers technical support and training to get the most out of the program. 


  • Technical issues with schedule blocking and integration create problems for the overall usefulness of the app. 

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Confirmation and Cancellation
  2. Integrated App

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. SMS
  2. Email
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